North Carolina Organization for Human Services

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This year the NCOHS conference will be virtual --- Registration is open.  

Please note: We have made a few changes to the registration process to hopefully make it more efficient and user-friendly.

Click on this link to open the registration form:

PAYMENT OPTIONS: This year you have the option to pay online using the PayPal links at the bottom of the registration form or mail your check in as usual.

Outstanding Student Award:
Click on this link for the Outstanding Student Nominee:

Call for Nominations

    • The NCOHS Executive Board will notify the Human Services Community College faculty of the award and call for nominations to be generated and sent to the selection committee post marked on or before October 15, 2021 (nominations received after this date will not be considered)
    • Who can nominate- Faculty members from each Community College nominate students whose qualities they characterize as outstanding. Faculty may nominate no more than two (2) students.
    • No self-nominations will be accepted.
    • Who is eligible-Individuals must be Human Services Technology majors (degree, diploma, certificate) who has earned a minimum of 12 credit hours under the human services curriculum (excluding general education courses)
    • Informed Nominations- Nominators are also encouraged to supply support materials with the completed nomination form. Support materials (Evidence supporting your nomination must be included)


    "Getting Back on Track: Self-Care for All"

    This year's theme will focus on staying
    physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy

                                    Featured Speakers: 

    Dr. Clark Gaither - 
    "From Burned Out to On Fire with Passion and Purpose"

    Dr. Veronica Hardy-
    "Becoming Un-Tangled: Self-Care Strategies for Human Service Professionals"